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Miss Him

Today is 4 Nov hometown is flooded after rainy for a week . .I hope this flood will end today, so my husband can go back here to see me and umar. He suppose to flight tonight but sadly he cancel the flight because of the flood at the airport and have been close for a time being.

Sad and disappoint because I really miss him and wait him for a week..Feeling very excited when I know he would back here..But All of this is out of our control… I am Redho with this. And try be more and more patient. I advise my husband too be patient too..


When the times comes..

The Journey of precious Gift from Allah .

Hai..we meet again all readers..(‘’;)

We are nearly to the end of October...2010... And I’m here to write again. To share my story. About My life. With all of you.. 11 October was a special date and it was palpitation moment to me and my lovely husband as we are waiting our son to be here with us.. delivery date of my son Birth..Umar Rayyan.

That day on 11 Oct 2010…it was early the morning….i cleared all my stuff ..packed all my stuffs and my baby bag meanwhile hubby cleared up our Room.. after Suboh ..i did Hajat Prayer.. pray To Allah to my baby safety and also myself..when the times is comes..

After having breakfirst ..1 nasi lemak 1 roti 1 halfcook egg and a cup of and husband..asked bless from my husband parents..we hug each other..before we out to Kmc.

On the Kedah Medical Centre...i hold his hand..because it make me feel more calm...i am told my heart..not to be is for my baby..i must strong..and face the fear itself. All women will feel like this right? It is our first baby..

Yeah at 9.00 we reach Kedah medical Centre..Ooh…my heart quiver with fear and excitement..” Sayang jangan takut…InsyaAllah semua selamat”..i kept that my heart.

9.30 after registration..the receptionist put tag on my hand…Fuhh..really nervous. One attendance guy took us to a labour room.. then the nurse gave me a liquid of medicine to drink. After changed my delivery and maroon colour I lying myself on the bed.. with my husband beside me..give me kicked strongly my tummy like he really cannot wait to see the world.. I put my hand gently to my tummy..and rub it..told the be patient.. mama knew..u really wanna see mama..After a while, nurse came to put the medicine through a tube..with induce medicine. Waiting hour by hour the nurse came and checked my heart bit and also baby heart...

After 2 a crucial time..i could feel the pain at my stomach then the pain turn to my back bone..i couldn’t endure it anymore..quickly i press the emergency bell..when I saw my baby heart bit decreased…suddenly.. oh no.Ya Allah .please safe my baby.

Nurse and doc quickly came to me..they told that I must be ceasered to safe the baby.then,.they took me to the emergency operation room..The doctors, do their job smoothly ..then they injected my backbone with Bius..and started ceasered my tummy. There was a green cover in front of me..i just can heared their conversation between each other..sometimes the doctor talked with me to makesure I feel calmed.

Just in 15 baby is borned..with a loud crying..and I could see at the moment Umar moved his leg..strongly..dr kamaruzaman, said with his joke..” Ooh laju nye kayuh nak jadi polis jugak kut…hehe..I just smile watching my little one ..alhamdulillah..Thankful to Allah..yes Umar Rayyan lastly u see the world..oh I became mama now,,ooh…Alhamdulilah..i’m shaking in coldness..because of the operation ..i don’t know why I not crying not even a tears..why?.....

Having Umar accomplish my whole life. The true journey is begin.. being a mother. And not to forget my birthday is on 13 octber…so this is a precious gift to me..From Allah. ALhamdulillah. .end.

penantian penuh debar


Date : 10 okt 2010

hari ini adalah hari menunggu yang mendebarkan kerana 10/10/10…detik tarikh ini doctor menjangkakan hari untuk aku melahirkan bayi yang ku kandung kan..namun tiada ape lagi yang aku rasakan…

Suami..ku sayang…..

Imah sangat meyayangi abg..selamanya……

Tidak mampu lagi menaip kerana terasa syahdu di hati..mcm2 rasa..mungkin lebih baik aku serah dan tawakal segalanya pada Allah..

Lebih baik aku tunaikan solat dhuha..semoga mempermudahkan aku..menghadapi hari ini dengan tenang..

Umar Rayyan..

Mama berdebar menanti mu sayang……..