Thursday, January 27, 2011


drop by here for a second..........alhamdulillah, today we do small 'gotong royong ' in our office. so feeling fresh..and clean, tQ to my colleague because of the co- operation. So after this maybe 2 times in a month we will do again to make sure working environment always in cleanliness.

cleanliness is important as Laurence j. peter said " if a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk "

Okep Bye.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

U have to work for it

hi..oouh so exhausted hihi but i'm fasting today, just arrive at office 11.00 already hehe..but already mention to my boss..

yesterday i read about Yippie saving accaunt, so i decided to make it for my little Umar, early this morning i already in front of maybank. While waiting bank is open, i pay all the bills.usning ceck deposit, ( actually i always pay all the bills through internet )but because of want to wait bank is open ..never mindlah ...fuh feeling fresh after paid averything. About 45 minute wait..the bank is opened.

Badly, i was told, i must bring birth certificate and original ic husband n me..huhuh
but is ok..because all the bill have been i still manage my bussiness today.

after that.second operation is going to perodua to repair my window car..but also cannot make it. Just change automatic window suis and brake pad..uissh 230..flying..urm :(..i stilll cannot do what i wanna do today..but i work for it..right. car several hours waiting and also 45 minutes waiting in front of bank..but i still not finish my bussiness..

So i will make sure i do the accaunt when i back to hometown. i will....

Tata..wanna cont. yesterday work. fresh2...happy working.

meeting & discussion

Hi!..So what have u done today? since 8.00 until now? urm remember quote " Do it Now " i'm implemented it into my work ..since came back from confinement leaves i never do any meeting with my colleague. So Do it Now..i just take about 30 minutes ..called them and seat for meeting. Done...Yes!

So.Noted! i will makeseure i'll do everythings that we disscuss today..okey bye..have to stop..wanna continue my work. Tata.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journey of dreams. Ups and Downs

Journey of dreams..

I have something worthwhile that I aim for its just a dream when I was youth in my dream I see I’m driving along highway with my own car which that colour is black now I already achieve it I owned myvi metallic ebony black..alhamdulillah but it took 7 years to achieved..

My dream is further my study at oversea, I want to know other culture
My dream is hv my own house
The important is I can speak fluenty.english besides I also can speak Arabic...hope so..we always can havea bundle of many as u want but u can try to work for it as u can..happyly..if u fail or down u still hv a chances because for me..times is like a gold..hold it and appreachiate it..never give up..u still hold the gold..and keep on holding it until u success..

U near for it but lost….
1.i’v been as tutor and almost cont master there to be a uitm in geomatic department. But I received Police job and leaved my dream carrier because of I need permanent job to help my family..continue master will use money.

2.after 2 years.. Urmm I almost grab my dreams..continue master and at the same time learn English and UIA.already learn iealts in british council..but almost 1 year after deferment I hv some problems..until now I still not continuing just like a fail to me because I almost near for it..but it loss.

My aim is to be a educate people with my knowledge..teach them trough soft way and motivate weak student..because ..back to my Univ Life .i was passive because of that..i wanna help passive student like them the way to rise up their research…add more knowledge about islam history..because I love to read Islamic history especially about Woman warrior in Islam…so much dream..i made..wanna have my master and then cont phd..and really want to release my Book..dunno what topic but maybe story or motivation..dunno..yet..


Now I am a police woman…

What my focus in this carier…

Still searching…..

I lost my focus…

What should I do…

After reading How to get from where you are to where you want to be Jack canfield..

I found I still have a chances from where I want to be..

As a Policewoman had tought me many things…from hard things to decision is not easy to become a police if u don’t have strong heart..

Here are my list in my carrier..

--passed all law exam
-- hv knowledge about police area.
--good in police report
--good English
--helping society
--delegate job
--chair meeting

So..after I married, I tends to focus my family, my sons education planning, my savings, buying a house, free debts..sttle down my ptptn..having lovely house with decoration..

How about hobby ..yes, now I got new hobby with my hubby .. we buy 2 gold fish and 5 gappy..and also small aquarium…

Eventhough im happy with my lovely husband and my beloved son.. I never forget my big dreams…it is graduate master degree..with flying colours…for the time being I need to hold it..maybe if got any chances.i want to cont my studies with husband at oversea..maybe he cant cont phd and I cont my master..InsyaAllah…I pray for that..

Monday, January 17, 2011