Wednesday, January 26, 2011

U have to work for it

hi..oouh so exhausted hihi but i'm fasting today, just arrive at office 11.00 already hehe..but already mention to my boss..

yesterday i read about Yippie saving accaunt, so i decided to make it for my little Umar, early this morning i already in front of maybank. While waiting bank is open, i pay all the bills.usning ceck deposit, ( actually i always pay all the bills through internet )but because of want to wait bank is open ..never mindlah ...fuh feeling fresh after paid averything. About 45 minute wait..the bank is opened.

Badly, i was told, i must bring birth certificate and original ic husband n me..huhuh
but is ok..because all the bill have been i still manage my bussiness today.

after that.second operation is going to perodua to repair my window car..but also cannot make it. Just change automatic window suis and brake pad..uissh 230..flying..urm :(..i stilll cannot do what i wanna do today..but i work for it..right. car several hours waiting and also 45 minutes waiting in front of bank..but i still not finish my bussiness..

So i will make sure i do the accaunt when i back to hometown. i will....

Tata..wanna cont. yesterday work. fresh2...happy working.

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  1. ooh still not have any progrees about yippi accaunt huhuhuh