Monday, May 9, 2011

my heart say.....

Hi..sisters and brothers,

hi to new reader of my blog..nice to meet you here..

i just want to drop a few opinions here about co - operation.and patience in delegate my duty to my team...i could saw a different..they will do it with a sincere and hardwork .. but it took a period of time..not easy to get people co-operation actually without put patience in our mind and soul...

working as an officer gives me .. a big responsibility to carry out.every task...command and control as a motto to my department..but review back my background and interest..i tends to be a it was hard for me to get along with all the personality,style,attitude that had been trained or recruited.

I am sorry to all my friends and my department..i could'nt follow or change my personality because i believes to patience..that is my principle.whenever i met my boss, he would remind me or talked about my firm..uhhh..i got many comments there from my friends.n .colleagues ..too..

Thanks to all the comments..i am learning day by day..but the main important things for me is a i can feel happy because my team now is begin to give me a full support to me..they give a big co operation and if i recall 4 years back it was a big different too!..alhamdulillah..!
the time is passing by...and we as a human will keep continuing our life and learning for everything we are faced either in a carrier..a relation..or from the society ...

i want to be a good teacher...(^-^) yes..we are teacher in what ever field we r in !

Ya Allah please show me the carry all the 'amanah' in my life...InsyaAllah..

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