Wednesday, July 6, 2011

happy day


hope everybody will feel happy i woke up early in the morning at 5 a.m to prepare my duty as a mother. First, went to the kitchen and prepare my baby food, yes today i made jenahak fish poridge enrich with a few tomatoes and carrots. in 30 minutes waiting for the poridge to get ready , i clear up messy hall, put all the tiny cushion sofa to the right place, placed my baby toy at his playpan, washed dirty clothes using automatic washing machine.

Then..had a shower...Subuh prayer.and get ready with office wear then watch back the poridge..yes..its done..alhamdulillah..That 's all my routine early in the morning, and also a little bit feel happy for this workdays because i had prepared mine and husband office wear on the weekend for a week clothes.So, it's really help me in the morning, i dont have to rush here and there to settle every single housework task in a hurry.

happy!!! because today morning i can send my baby to nanny house together with husband because i can manage my routine early...if not..i need to send alone..because my husband have to leave early to avoid traffic jam,he work at putrajaya.

now i know, it is not easy to be a working mother, time management is the most important thing to do. But before we can manage with time we have to manage our discipline, mental and not to forget our health!..


had a break first , had some chit chat with my sargeant talking about our duty, then starting to concentrate my listing job. meeting time...and my delegation task to my team. Hope the time flies with the positive result.

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  1. tahniah kak... suke nye dgr life akak skrg... mesti bhgia sngt2 kan..... huhu....