Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 life


Entering life into 2012,beginning with sweet and sour of my life, i am not saying im no happy but, frankly i not really happy, because i was far away from my love, he is having 6 months courses for DPA now. There is 1 month more left to survive without him, and by this April my life will bright back ! yes, but i'm wondering,why i am not happy ? i must happy ..i must not rely on him..urm..ya, if we put the sadness in our mind, and i will comes out ..and if we put happiness in our mind, we can be happy.

So i'm trying to be happy even without my hubby right now, managing all things , take and send my baby to nanny house. Take a good care of my baby , i can do it by not rely on him..but still not happy..

ya..i got the answer..when we are married, our hearts becomes when half of my heart far a way..its gonna be different.

waiting for my love..=)