Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bacaan Yaasin


Since Dec 2011, i have wrote some targets for 2012 for my group, it was Surah Yaasin recite,so in 28 Feb 2012 we already make it...really happy with the co operation from my team, they seems happy with the majlis..entering to this group once upon a time in 2008, they not really happy with me..but far of my heart i want to do something to this group..alhamdulillah, now, they really close each other..always make a joke to each others and really love to do makan2 together at the office..now i move to other step..do surah Yaasin recite..and i want to do it regularly..so that there would be ukhuwah between them, through Islamic soul.alhamdulillah..

in this organisation,what i did

1st - niat.want to be good supervisor for them

2nd - smile

3rd - close to them..get thier trust

4rt -disscussion always with them

5 - be like a family -)

May we will be close and do the best for our organisation..InsyaAllah