Tuesday, April 3, 2012

English..i am sad! really! but not give up!


Two days i made some research about Master Study. This is because it is my list goal for this year which was set in April.I must collect the information about courses that i love to, and good for my future and good for my prospect of my job.

I dont know why i must be emotional about this. Maybe i can't focus to choose.. what i want? what do i love to learn? how about the fee ? the schedule, and is it useful for my job. To much think make me sad and feel give up..but deep in my heart i love to learn the knowledge that i can help people, can be good workers, good supervisor, and can use this knowledge to be a good mom and goo wife also.

Is it technical ? art ? management ? computer sciences? religion ?

what do you guys out there do ? if you are in conflict ? dilemma ? to choose what is your favour actually is it through quiz? is through see what is your talent and that is your interest?

i do read a lot book. i love to study about motivation book and actually in my room now at my office, there are a few motivation books instead of computer sciense or management books that i should read because of my job spec.

but this is my problem

English ....

Can write..but having with so many grammar problem

Afraid to talk ...even on the phone... still GAGAP.

had attend British Council preparation iealts class..but do nothing with it..i am not sat for the exam.

Now, when i want to cont master in humans science psychology , i did call the lecturer and talked to them my problem.

Alhamdulillah, the lecturer that phone , really want to help me and arranges a date for me to seat English test . for this may and then if not reach the requirement..i should back and study english till Excellent for master level . and then i can continue my master there at iium.

Friends ...do pray for me..