Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 doodles

Jan - suami kursus tiada coretan menarik

Feb - same as above

Mac - mak datang.... Cameron higland

Apr - SUAMI TAMAT KURSUS. Yeay apply Hlp &univmalaya tayar pancit..

Mei - majlis taalim muaz bin jabal mosque...

Jun - buy dream house...and manage bengkel pengucapan awam conducted by AIdil GHaffar

Julai - makan2 my team and yaasin

August - univ offer letter...sadly have to canceled..due to bought a dream house....

Sept - hv second one...hehe

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Journey Doodle 2012


Happy Eid




i received offer letter from Univ Malaya but i need to make hard decision and it was really sad, to choose but i believe in rezki.

Again for second time i cancelled the offer letter,, because in between i have made new my year planning..i and my husband have bought a house at Saujana Utama and, for our future so, i need to sacrifice this year to study so, we can focus on saving money for our future house..

Very sad, because i really want to pursue my study but, at the same time i can see it is also hikmah..

maybe i not really did good planning, and not really deep down what courses that really good to me, to carrier and to in this period of time..i promise to study to deep down the courses while waiting to apply again HLP..for next year..InsyaAllah...never give up to gain knowledge..for ummah insyaAllah...


please pray for my journey..
pray i got chances to gain knowledge..

Assalamualaikum..and Happy Eid too...may Allah accepts our pray and ibadah..