Sunday, September 30, 2012

effective presentation skilss

its was about 4 days attending Idfr Course. Misses JOyce and misses wan faezah said we all gell together very fast..ya..reallyenjoyble and,we learnt to be better presenter and also, want to study, practice,learn more about english..ohmy english..ok...i must love read, and write thing, i really shy to speak english with my fluent? me..


  1. Fatimah, believe me..ur english mmg bagus compare to me..hehe..dont be shy to speak n speak..sometimes we got a brilliant idea..unfortunately we cant deliver it well. sayang kan...You can do it...becoz u can :)..hehe...we support u!

  2. Ya thanks...i am using simple english to my son...actually it is the way im forcing myself to put many my mind..still keep learning..ada kursus free nk p lg...