Thursday, November 15, 2012

im not in the Race.

Had you ever ask yourself what is your weakneses..did you realise or not?and did you also realise your talent?i was thingking about this for the past few years..and today..i'm realise..i was not in the race..i never allowed myself even to get in the race..i know i should but there is something in my heart prevent me..tie me dont do it..thats is principe of mine..was it bad or was is good. This attitude make me..prevent me from show my my capability..i dont know..i just dont like to showing of my self.. i dont like race and glad whenever people see you be a winner ..thats me..i know i always been hurted with people..always..people surrounding you will think you are good leader when you can talk people..scream and scold...but when you are soft character you will never be expected can lead people.but for me...i believe..softness can pattern somebody heart..because..that what i believe ..leadership with our prophet Muhammad s.a.w way..he touches people heart..he change people from bad to good just with soft talk and kind heart. in other situation,whenever..we try to show our leadership with intention want your bosses looking at you..was it tell you..that you are lying show it because you want  people to look at you. The best way is do the best for yourself.take every challengethat comes to you.

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