Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 and whichlist

Hi 2014 please be nice to stress right now..because trying to digest research methodology subject in Qa..having exam next two days to avoid stress distract my attention i back to my blog  to write..something. ok..

i closed my 2013 with sweet memories which i spent holiday with mak,achik,ummi,kakyong and at kl and also re union with bestfriends..My dream in 2014 or planning ..yeah i am in horse group. i must make my  family first in my dreamlist. Horse? it just psychology quiz to know how to handle our stress. if in horse group just discuss with family or being with family can reduce stress and increase the spirit in ourselves.

1. breastfeed Alif as much as i can..
2.  make syllabus and schedule to umar
3. baked a cake to husband..never do it since  4 years married hehe..have to buy suitable
4. make the best in QA
5. make the best at work before on leave for 2 years
6. continuing study..Insyaa Allah uitm..puncak perdana here i come...
7.having new life at our new home.
8.make new friends, new neighbours, and always keep in touch with networking
10. continue usrah ..searching to attend
11. hoping can send achik to university and having family holiday again and bring mom to meet doctor.
12. holiday with family in laws again..last year was at terengganu..this year..still in disscussion
13. make the best in Ramadan..Pray to Allah please give  me chances to meet Ramadan..amin..
wah so many whichlist..but the important that i not include in the list are..alway be my whichlist in every single of my day is..Solat cukup and Read Al Quran.


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