Monday, February 17, 2014

Be careful with my never gave up!


still got 7 months from today and i will leave the position i hold at work. Sad i still not did well.I dont know ? yes what should i i too stupid ? Alhamdulillah i can leave all this soon, i hope i can doing the best that i can before leaving this position...i never gave up, for 8 years i was here, i can feel that i learnt something, and got family too..ya, my teamwork. We becoming a family after go through so many comments, critics, satire and not good feedbacks.. i handled meeting, brainstorming, disscussions,reporting..but still not achieve the output that they want. what should i do....thinking alone,in front of this laptop while listening to soft music which calming my heart.  let listen to this song..

Be Careful With My Heart Music Video Recording