Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Childhood was a very memorible story which we always wanted to keep in our mind and heart. The story and the love spread  along our journey of life kids.When i see this picture it bring me back my sweet spending time with kakak. Not as other siblings...we shared everything together as we were borned as twins sister. Eventhough we are twins but we have different attitude, desires,hobbies and colours too.See
.we have same clothes but not same colours.TWINS...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You always take good care of me..yah maybe im younger than you urmm 5 minutes young. You ALWAYS be my bodyguard..tough me everything in life KAKAK.
I dont have any valuable present to give you..but only Dua's for you. You always in my Dua's..Allah please keep my Kakak safe. Give her the best in life and good health.♥♥♥
Naughty Adik @ fierce Adik @ Manja Adik @ Timah ( you like to call me this name loudly ya...)

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