Saturday, May 3, 2014


Alhamdulillah...i feel so grateful having lovely husband and understand me.  For the past a few week struggle with the job, we Decided to go back to our hometown. Eventhough no leaves but positively we made decision to go back to Perlis on weekdays. My husband knew i really want to visit my family and my grandparents. mom and father seems happy also my grandparents were in the good health. In the limited time we managed to had dinner with parents in laws at komalaut kuala Perlis. Umar also excitedly met buffalo and cows at village.Chaq brought umar to see the the cows and buffalous. Riding motocycle with chaq and played outside the house..i can see the my sons looks happy and enjoy our short holidays. My friends also got thier rezeki btw....yah my parents gave  a bunches of  Harun Manises haha to our colleagues.  Last and but not least my enjoyment is waiting my aunty junita having a birth to the fourt child. She is now struggle in labour room htf hospital which is im hope everything goes well. Today i learnt apprechiate every single of the time and it will be worthwhile  moment in your life. For sure stay positive be a good person to anyone dont bother if someone did hurt your heart be humble and always remember  patient...patient and patient.

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