Sunday, June 29, 2014

Logic dan berkat adalah berbeza. .

I just read Rich Dad and Poor Dad book.

The writing made me think.. for a while. .
Hurmm  i want to share with others the cycle of money games had control our mind and soul too. That just my opinions and might be not for other s to accept it..Whatever it is. ..was our niat..i think..always correct our niat..for every single action we take.

Here i quote the part of the few paragraphs that i read

" How did the rich outsmart the intellectuals? Once the Take from the rich" tax was passed, cash started flowing into goverment coffers.Initially, people were happy.Money was handed out to government workers and the rich.It went to government  workers in the form of jobs and pensions.It went to the rich via thier factories receiving government contracts.The government became a large pool of money. There really is no recirculation."...

" true capitalist used thier financial knowledge to simply find a way to escape. They heafed back to the protection of a corporation.A corporation protects the rich.But what many people who have never formed a corporation  do not know is that a corporation ia not really a thing. A corporation is merely a file folder with some legal documents in it, sitting in sone attorneys office registerd with a state government  agency. Its not a big building with the name of the corporation on it.  its not a factory or a group of people.A corporation is merely a legal document that creates a legal body without a soul. The wealth Of the rich was once again protected."....

Start now...for..our own goodness.

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