Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our activities today, tomorow and yesterday

Since we have moved here for a couple of weeks..i still in learning process to feel comfortable with new house..Some activities we had together the kitchen together with husband, colouring with Umar, took Umar and Aliff to the Upin Ipin Carnival, made Eggbread with Umar and made simple breakfirst to families. The weather quite hot and lastly we made decision to fix aircond in our master bedroom..yeah  children sleep well too..haha  in aircond. Woke up early at 5.00 am..and we can reach at office at 8.00 am. As usual we sent them to babysitter house then break apart with each car to the office. I still missing my old sweet many memories everyday i will wait husband beside the apartment road. So..i still can feel im still  belong here hahaha..hopes tommorow i can clean properly every rooms, finish sort the clothes and prepAring work attire for a week. Im too nervous think how we manage ourself during  fasting..we'll see..Insyaa Allah im positive..hubby positive so our child will happy too..bye bye

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