Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sophie kinsella dr!

This morning...while sit alone im just feel so funny when remind to my story last night..
in Classsroom.....
Dr: Please tell me some of author names that you know...
Me: Sophie Kinsella...( CONFIDENT) dan xsabar2 menjawab..
Dr:Errr....who's that? Urm im little bit  familiar with the title tell me the title of the book.
Me: Confession Of shopaholic dr..(CONFIDENT JUGAK ) then semua org tgk aku...:-P
Dr: Im never heard...urm. .was it novel?
Me:  im read Novel dr..
DR: OHH occay thats right..but err im prefer academic book author..
ME : gulp...kuang kuang laugh at myself..and my heart said.. (you r in academic world lor bukan dlm meeting...hihihi suka suka menjawap..kekekeke )

I love this Novel ♥

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