Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 and wishlist

Hi 2015, what have you get from me?
okay lets revise the whichlist
1. study in puncak perdana-done and now in semesters 2. Hoping good results
2. I want along my study I gain something value in me.
3. Improve english presentation and writing
4. social networking
5. driving-ok this challenges still I not satisfy with myself yet....
6.met.neighbors...ooh only met them online..haih.....poor me
7.met oldfriends!
8. bring mom doctor, she refusing..saddd....
9. family holiday..ya..many...jb,pd,k.kangsar,nilai,kajang buloh.ikea.perlus,kedah...ipoh, alhamdulillah
10.My sibling become independent...seronok
11. Umar go kindergarten. I wish I can send him martial art, english class...agama class...solat class...
13. This year must have plan where to posting next kids go school who fetch...
14. plan to stay future maybe 3 year onwards.husband continue phd and I continue master housewife...gain experiences
15' buat kek warna warni dan kuih raya
16. naik.pangkat ker hahah amin
17..Master.graduation. wait me 2016