Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 and wishlist


Im back finally, to read back my wishlist...everyone have wishlist right...ok..i read back my longlist 2015 wishlist and found that the number 16. wish was naik pangkat..tulis sambil gelak gelak masa tu..with Allah great, i got it!!!! finally. Alhamdulillah, this is not my victory, but my bapak,and kakak especially. WHY? because with kakak effort and bapak, i joined the force. i WENT to the interview, also kakak prepared everything for me.and my family help me a lot and take good care of my heroes. Kakak, dont get it...but..without her realized it,or maybe she sad  not being promoted, but for me, she is already have the pangkat even that is my name..people dont see, but for me, this victory is for my kakak..but ALLAH choose me for specific the reason that i dont even know.


i always have fear, to do something different in my life....but  KAKAK and BAPAK  accidentally had put me into dunia yang sangat asing dan tak  pernah pun rasa nak join force. i am is a person that dont like adventurous activity, dont like to think, and love something is simple and not complicated.


if i have problem...i let my sister think of it..hehehe

for example,

mom not allowed me to go for  camping program..even though school already give permission letters.  What i did at that time? okay ii follow mom's order and will return back the letters..but my KAKAK refuse, she spoke to mom for my behalf even mom scolded her for some reasons, but she had did my mom agreed to her explaination..and i went to the camp succesfully....ngeee

2nd situation..

at that morning, we were very late, to go to the school, as i prepared my stuff then i realized that one of my exercise book, was missing..not in the bag, i try to search it on the our study desk but not found it..i feel blurrrrrr......then,Bapak yang cari sampai jumpa hahaha ..the book was under the desk...
mom..beletiaqqqq sekandaqqqqq...ok..we off to school dengan lega even lewat....ada aku kesah?

After entering new environtment in my life with the heavy jobscope..its change ..hardly..

i need to THINK!!!!
i NEED to put away FEAR!!!!!

Masya ALLAH  , I LOVE both of this person,  may ALLAH GRANT them, happiness in thier life..because of them, I see different in myself, and try different thing will ask me to do to more than myself meant to be.

Bye..... nnt nak proceed wishlist 2016 pulak

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